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Sip and Paint Party

This past Friday evening, I had a great time leading the Roanoke Valley Chamber Young Professionals group's Sip and Paint Party. It was hosted at the Roanoke Rapids, NC Hilton Garden Inn - so thankful for their help because I know nothing about wine. They also provided some nice trays of goodies to nibble on. Thank you so much to everyone who came out! And a very happy birthday to Holli who spent her special day with us :)

This was my first paint party. I've been asked many times to do them in the past and I'm so glad the stars have aligned for me to start doing them. I was really nervous, but focusing on the planning helped calm my nerves and it all went very well. Everyone in the class did great and I really appreciate their questions. Now I'm excited to teach more classes!

With the popularity of different painting parties, I did a lot of research on the different approaches. I decided to do things a little differently from many that I've seen. I started them off with a blank, white canvas that I had prepped with the texture of the image. The texture was created by applying a drywall compound to essentially sculpt the image onto the canvas. I felt like this would make it pretty much fool-proof. Even if the artist paints it all one color, you will still see the image through the shadow of the texture.

I came up with this image to help dust people off from their cabin fever and build excitement about spring/summer and being outdoors. Plus, it left it pretty open to different color interpretation for different moods and times of day.

Check out these amazing artists! So proud of them all!

I'm excited to announce that I am now offering this as a service. You provide the food and beverages (I can design amazing kitchens, but in general I stay out of there :) ) and I'll take care of the rest. All supplies are provided. Contact me for more information.

Thanks and Have a Creative Day!


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