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In the beginning...

Hello everyone out there. My name is Autumn. Nice to meet you! If you'd like to know all about me, please check out my about page. I have followed a number of creative and talented bloggers for a number of years. I have also creating my own designs and problem solving ideas for even longer. So why haven't I started a blog until now? I'm an over planner. I do way too much research for my own good. When I decided to start my own business in 2015, it was only after I had a professional kick in the pants to get me going. Even then, I almost researched the fun out of it and went into business management overload by focusing on the management side instead of the business side. I began to lose focus on helping new customers and became overwhelmed by bookkeeping, taxes, and legalese. "The Man" was really getting me down.

A new year breathed new life into my venture. I became more active in promoting my business and helping those in need of some design TLC. That's when I decided to try out this whole blogging thing. And down the rabbit hole I went again... Researching which platform was best and most cost effective. Designing, Redesigning, and redesigning (a few more hundred times) the page that would be perfect. Perfect does not exist! So I'm diving in and I'm sure as you look through the posts and return to the page over time, you will see many more transformations to come.

I encourage your input, suggestions, and most of all - patience as this blog and business continue to grow. Working with clients and being creative - that is easy for me. There is no challenge I will shy away from. It's the nailing myself down to a schedule, sharing what I've been working on, and being ok with unatainable "perfect website" that makes me a little quezy.

So, here I go. Look, Ma! No Hands! - Just kidding, totally white knuckling the handle bars.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you back!

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