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To DIY or Not? The Good, Bad and Really Ugly

Happy New Year! Here I am again, promising to have a regular blog post with helpful design tips, DIY projects, and more, but still trying to dust myself off from the Holiday rush. Anybody in a similar boat? Well, dang it, this year/life is going to be different. Things are going to be happening. So here you go.....

A few years back, I contributed to Mary Sherwood Lake Living's weekly blog "Design Wisdom Wednesdays" with a post Do You Have What It Takes to DIY? It's a fun read, I encourage you to check it out. In this post, I talked about the physical and emotional sides to attempting a DIY project. Over the years since I've written this, I've learned even more about DIY and how to better take care of myself doing so... the hard way.

Physical Fitness

Are you capable of the task you hope to DIY? I'm a tough little lady and think I can do anything, which I usually can, but I have learned that there is more than mind over body here. I don't usually think about doing any kind of regular exercise because my hands-on work is so active. With that in mind, it is a great practice to treat it like going to the gym and take the time to stretch and warm up. I have recently learned that I am developing carpel tunnel in my wrist and hand from my go, go, go approach. Now I'm taking measures to make sure that I listen to my body in order to keep doing what I love.

More on Aches, Scuffs and Bruises

Oh the "boo boos" you'll get! I've had too many war wounds to share, but here are a few. Warning, some pretty gross stuff. I'm not sharing pics, but still - yikes!

- While removing staples on a re-upholstery job, my tool slipped and went right under my thumb nail! It ended up falling off, but thankfully it grew back.

- About a month afterwards, I was driving in some screws on a rustic/industrial desk I built and while holding the screw in one hand and drill in the other, the drill swerved and screws right into the same thumb nail. I didn't lose it that time, but holy cow did it hurt!

- Recently I was using my brad nailer to attach some edge trim to a wood top for a cabinet. The brad nailer decided to start shooting them out at odd angles instead of straight in where I was aiming it. A nail shot up through the top and in through my thumb (yep, the SAME THUMB!) as I was holding the molding in place.

More on Quality Time vs. DIY Time

I touched on this in the previous post, but now it is more in the forefront of my thoughts. I am a mom now to a 3 year old that LOVES to play with me. I know, so annoying right?! Just kidding, I'm enjoying every minute because I know it won't last. So when I need to get work done, he has Daddy play time or plays with friends in the neighborhood.

I love that I have windows in my workshop and home office. We had a rare snow day last week here in North Carolina and I was so happy to look outside and see the hubby and Ethan tackling each other and then making snow angels.

DIY - Do It for You!

I love my clients! I can't say it enough. They become friends and family through a project. I want them to feel that way because that's how I feel. There are so many different things I want to build, make, try, explore, etc. and they give me that opportunity. I can't fit it all in my house, so I do it for others. Plus, I get new challenges by working in different spaces and with different personalities. When all is done, I get to step back and admire what has been accomplished and see the smile on their faces. I do it for you to get that feeling.

Why do you want to DIY? Or do you need a little help in that department? Is there something you want to learn how to do? Please share your questions, thoughts, comments and we can figure it out together.

And please stick around as I continue to grow my blog and business. Thanks and have a blessed New Year!

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