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Hello, nice to meet you!  
I'm ACW or the Always Creative Woman behind ACW Ply Designs.  
You've come to the right place if you're looking for decor ideas, interior design services, upholstery, kitchen and bath design, or just looking for a new friend!  Plywood is one of many things that inspire me, but don't be surprised 
by the many "Layers" there are to my artistic endeavors.  I'm an
artist/designer/DIYer, a happy wife and mother  of the cutest little boy
on the planet - trust me!  This site is where I share my projects for my
clients and family - which becomes synonymous as we work together.  
I'm 5'1-1/2" tall - don't you dare forget that 1/2".  
Also, I'm up for just about anything, so give me a challenge!
Interior Design Services, Upholstery, Kitchen and Bath Design
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